Saturday, June 10, 2006

Attended the hyperlinked society conference in philadephia, Professor Joe Turow organized this event and he brought together some interesting folks to discuss social computing. I had a chance to meet some old and new friends like Josh Greenberg, Alex Halavais, Jeremy, Marc Smith, and Richard Prior. Sitting next to the executive editor of MIT Press wasn't bad either. It struck me how much MIT's Media Lab and press have made an impact on my research interests during my college years, especially with Sherry Turkle's Second Self and Papert's Mindstorms. I got turned on to social computing through them and now I plan to send my book proposal to MIT Press on my work on The Institute For the Future.

Life is good; of course I missed my wife and baby girl. This was my first extended trip away from home since Amieh was born.

I was really impressed with the visualization of the blog maps at the conference and of course Eszter Hargittal's work in social computing was fascinating; we still need to know more about how people use the Internet!