Thursday, September 07, 2006

So my blog is becoming outdated too fast, too soon but I've had a fantastic and extraordinary summer. First my family supported me in going to Bergen, Norway to present at the European Group for Organizational Studies for a week. I left Jocelyn and little Amieh in Oakland to take this trip and I met a wonderful group of kindred ethnographic souls in Bergen and my good old Activity Theory friends from Finland working with Ritva Engestrom.

Then home to Jocelyn and Amieh and we worked out a nice schedule with Amieh who is 7 months old now!!! She can sit up now and can almost crawl! I take her on a stroll in th e kolcraft stroller in the morning where she gets a chance to nap as we walk the hilly and leafy green Piedmont neighborhood and then it's down to Piedmont avenue for coffee (decaf) and a morning read of the New York Times (if Amieh lets me read that is!). And then I put Amieh in a Snuggly carrier where she gets to face forward and see the world and we walk down Piedmont ave. where unbeknown to me at first Amieh is all smiles to the passersby. And I love their comments: She's a beautiful baby!...etc. I'm a proud Papa what can I say. And we've started her daily hebrew lessons from Aleph to Tav I recite the alephbet to her.

Here are some pics of my trip to Norway! Now I'm trying to complete my book proposal to MIT Press on The Institute For the Future and their performative methodologies.
Wish me luck!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Attended the hyperlinked society conference in philadephia, Professor Joe Turow organized this event and he brought together some interesting folks to discuss social computing. I had a chance to meet some old and new friends like Josh Greenberg, Alex Halavais, Jeremy, Marc Smith, and Richard Prior. Sitting next to the executive editor of MIT Press wasn't bad either. It struck me how much MIT's Media Lab and press have made an impact on my research interests during my college years, especially with Sherry Turkle's Second Self and Papert's Mindstorms. I got turned on to social computing through them and now I plan to send my book proposal to MIT Press on my work on The Institute For the Future.

Life is good; of course I missed my wife and baby girl. This was my first extended trip away from home since Amieh was born.

I was really impressed with the visualization of the blog maps at the conference and of course Eszter Hargittal's work in social computing was fascinating; we still need to know more about how people use the Internet!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May 4th was our baby girl's 3 month birthday! Yea! And Jocelyn's production crew colleagues held a screening for Emiko's Ripe for Change documentary that's part of a 4 part series about the future of California. It was a special night on May 5th at the center for ecoliteracy in Berkeley where the screening was held. The production crew welcomed us with such gusto!! And Emiko marked Amieh's birthday as part of the screening celebration too! Very fun and very cool! Here are some pics of that night! From left to right is Emra, Sybil, Sara, Jocelyn and Amieh!

Last week was an incredible flurry of events! I went to Sacramento on May 3 to lobby on behalf of the California Faculty Association to increase the California State University budget. I even met my representative Loni Hancock; what a great woman! She got it! And Jocelyn and our baby girl Amieh came along too! Here's me and Amieh at the state capitol. Why are state capitols so sleepy feeling?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Time to think about topics for the Society for the study of Social Science (4S): hmmm, I could pursue one of my favorite topics of late which is tracing the politics of technology and performativity of ubiquitous computing. From Laurel to IFTF, the choices of how ubiquitous computing is playing out springs from sociopolitical/cultural directions based on theatrical, performance traditions. Our visions of computing in the future stem from performance traditions developed in business and countercultural American practices inspired by Aristotelian and Boal. More later.

Also Google Project research, games at IFTF possible topics. More later.

Monday, April 17, 2006

My first blog entry here is to share my thoughts on the title. Why Lonny's Informance Theater? Well, an early mentor and colleague of mine who coined the term informance at Interval Research (the Paul Allen new media industry incubator--a forerunner of enterprises to come). Informance was about having interaction designers perform as a piece of theater the interfaces they were creating so as to better understand their potential users and user practices. In my study of the Institute For the Future, I began to see the representations of the future IFTF put together as informances since they are done as a way to apprentice their clients. I'll be using this space as a brainstorming exercise for my research and the personal as it comes my way.

Lonny's Informance Theater